Joining Consett Amateur Swimming Club is very simple, although there could be a waiting list.

Children can join the Teaching Program the year in which they are 5.  Unfortunately younger children are unable to join for insurance purposes.

To register your interest in joining please email with the following details:

We will then contact you for a trial session when a space is available.

Currently there is approximately a 1-2 month waiting list for non-swimmers.

After your trial session you will be notified by a member of the coaching team your child’s lesson time.

Consett Amateur Swimming Club are regulated by the Amateur Swimming Association and therefore each child must be a registered member. Annual membership fees are £40 per year which is payable upon joining the club and then again on 1st January each year. The fee provides children with the appropriate insurances to participate in the sport.

Membership registration needs to be completed after your child’s trial session, a membership form can be found below.  Once completed and the fee paid a membership card will be issued, this should be shown every time you attend.  Each session attended costs £3.00.

2020 Membership Form.

1st January 2020