WATER CONFIDENCE – 20m Pool – Lead Teacher Jenny Davison

6:05pm – 6:35pm

6:35pm – 7:05pm

Enter / exit water safely

LEVEL 1 – 20m Pool – Lead Teacher Hollie Frame

6:05pm – 6:35pm

6:35pm – 7:05pm

Enter/exit water safely

Put face in water and blow bubbles

Swim 7m on front and back aided


LEVEL 2 – 20m – Lead Teacher Hollie Frame

6:05pm – 6:35pm

6:35pm – 7:05pm

Float on front and back unaided

Pick up an object from the floor

Swim 7m on front and back unaided


LEVEL 3 – 20m Pool – Lead Teacher Emily Thornton & Drew Frame

7:05pm – 7:35pm

Push and glide on front and back

Jump in from poolside

Swim 12m on front and back


DEEP WATER CONFIDENCE – Lead Teacher Drew Frame


LEVEL 4 – 25m Pool – Lead Teacher Martin Fraser

6:05pm – 6:35pm

6:35pm – 7:05pm

Achieve Forward roll

12m breaststroke and butterfly leg action

12m frontcrawl and backstroke


LEVEL 5 – 25m Pool – Lead Teacher Mark McGurk

6:05pm – 6:35pm

6:35pm – 7:05pm

Basic dive

Good regular frontcrawl breathing technique

Full stroke Breaststroke and butterfly


LEVEL 6 – 25m Pool – Lead Teacher Joshua Allison & Adrian Thornton

6:05pm – 6:45pm

20m on all 4 strokes

Good breathing technique on all strokes

Basic backstroke starts


LEVEL 7 – 25m Pool – Lead Teacher Joshua Allison & Adrian Thornton 

6:05pm – 6:45pm

100m frontcrawl and backstroke, 50m breaststroke and, 25m butterfly (all good technique and breathing)

Understanding of all turns and how to perform them

Hands entering water first dive