Well Done Consett ASC Junior League Team!

Well done to everyone who participated in today’s Junior League Gala at the Neptune Centre, Middlesbrough!

We may have been depleted in numbers, but not in Team Spirit. There were some fantastic swims today and all of our young athletes did themselves and the Club proud, had fun, and secured our place in the Final!!!!

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents too, we definitely have the best supporters.

Final results from the 4 heats are:

Division 3

  1. South Tyneside
  2. Thornaby
  3. Consett
  4. Hetton
  5. Eston

Next step, the Final! 16th September 2018, Haven Point.  We need as many swimmers from this year’s heats as possible there please, and as many supporters too.  Let’s go and make some noise and show everyone what our amazing Team can do ?