Derwentside Invitation Meet Results

The results from today are:-

Matthew Williams – 4 gold
Jamie Watson – 3 silver 2 bronze
Alex Davidson – 2 silver 1 bronze
Owen Daly – 1 bronze
Grace Pears – 2 gold 1 silver 1 bronze
Joseph Pears 1 silver 1 bronze
Thomas Williams – 1 bronze

There were a lot of swimmers who came in the top 6 in their individual age groups. Overall the swimmers performed very well and there were some outstanding personal best times. All of the swimmers are in a heavy work phase so personal best times are not expected at the moment.

It is an absolute pleasure to coach the kids, their conduct and attitude is outstanding and the team support and spirit for each other speaks for itself. They are credit to Consett ASC.

Well done everyone!

Wendy Frame