Vacancy – Welfare Officer

Would you like to help the Club and are interested in an active role within it?

Lisa Watson will be stepping down from the post of Club Welfare Officer, a post she has held for approximately 7 years! We are therefore looking for someone to take over from Lisa and join the Team at Consett ASC.

The Role and Personal Specification

– is able to act independently and in best interests of the child

– holds no other position on the Club Committee, to remain impartial, but does sit on the committee to update and advise on Safeguarding issues (with no voting rights)

– is not a teacher or coach within the Club

– is not related to anyone in either positions above

– is able to attend the Club frequently

– is prepared to undergo training required (see below) and can satisfy the knowledge and core skills for the role

Core Tasks

– raise awareness of and implement Swim England’s WavePower (a full copy is available on the website)

– to be the first point of contact for any issues concerning child welfare

– to act independently and in best interests of any child at the Club

– arrange DBS checks (very easy and quick process)

– book volunteers onto safeguarding courses

– sit on the committee to advise on child safeguarding issues (approx every 6 weeks)

– to ensure confidentiality is maintained and information only shared on a ‘need – to – know’ basis


1 Safeguarding and Protecting Children

Swim England’s Safeguarding CPD is bespoke and reflects the needs of a pool environment. The course will help you to understand:

  • What child safeguarding and child protection means
  • Key government legislation in relation to safeguarding and protecting children
  • Swim England’s safeguarding policies and procedures
  • The types, signs and symptoms of child abuse
  • How to respond to possible signs of child abuse and take appropriate action if concerns arise

This course is currently being run as a webinar, duration is approximately 3 hours.

2 Time to Listen

The Time to Listen programme provides the opportunity to acquire key knowledge necessary for the role and responsibilities of a CWO, to adopt a child-focused approach to safeguarding and to learn about the action/s which should be taken should any incident occur. Currently this is being run as a webinar, duration approximately 3 hours.

If you would like to express your interest in this role, or for more information, please email the Club Secretary by clicking here.

Kind regards,

Consett ASC Committee