Session Refunds (for those who returned to swimming)

The club has now processed refunds for all of the cancelled sessions (which had been paid for) as a result of lockdown, where bank details have been provided.

Members have been requested to provide their bank details on 7th and 14th November but we are yet to receive some responses, and another email  has been sent this morning.

Those who have not provided bank details yet need to do so do within the next 7 days, or the club may choose to donate any outstanding refunds to a charity of the committee’s choice.

Some have asked why we are refunding fees. The club’s financial year end is December, whilst we hope to be back in the pool asap there is no guarantee that restrictions will ease enough to allow us to return to the water immediately after 2nd December.  Assuming we do return in December then we are likely to only ask for session fees to be paid up to the end of December.

Thank you.