County Durham Foundation’s Volunteer Support Fund and Club Durham

We’ve been busy during the closure period and have more fantastic news for the club. We’ve secured more funding to enable the club to grow and support our members.

Recent changes meant we’d identified that additional volunteer support was required to ensure long term sustainability of the club. We’ve been successful in securing funding to support 12 volunteers to attend an accredited training course through the Swimming Teachers Association and obtain certificates, allowing them to become qualified pool side helpers.

This project has been funded by the County Durham Foundation’s Volunteer Support Fund and Club Durham.

County Durham Community Foundations Culture & Sport Small Grant Scheme

We’ve been awarded £1,694 from County Durham Community Foundations Culture & Sport Small Grant Scheme to purchase new training equipment.

Equipment will include:

  • Swimming belts for resistance training with a drag parachute
  • Tempo trainers to develop pace consistency
  • Fins that will increase strength and help the children swim at a faster speed
  • Axis buoy which help develop upper body strength and allow for proper alignment
  • Kicks pro’s that limit the range of motion that will activate outer leg muscles and engage the core
  • Hydro hips that will improve swimmers core strength and stroke efficiency
  • Hand paddles designed to plane the hand forward through the water, improving reach and distance per stroke

The above equipment will hopefully be available for swimmers to use when the club starts back in September 2018. It will provide fun interaction, allowing members to develop their strength, co-ordination, confidence and motivation.

We would like to thank County Durham Community Foundation for their support, recognising the importance of the club and the opportunities we provide to the local community.

The Genesis Project

Consett Amateur Swimming Club have been lucky enough to be awarded a £500 grant from The Genesis Project.

The Grant will be used by the Club to purchase equipment that will enable us to engage with members in a fun and interactive way. The equipment will allow members to develop their strength, co-ordination, confidence, motivation and promote how important a healthy lifestyle is.

Equipment will include finns, resistance belts, time monitoring and recording kit and hand paddles. We are also hoping to secure funding from another funding source to allow additional equipment to be purchased. We should receive a decision in July, so we’ll keep you posted.

The cheque was presented by Mr O’Connor to our Club President Mrs Sadie Walton on Friday 8th June 2018 at Consett Leisure Centre.

We would like to thank the Genesis Project for their support, and recognising the importance of our Club to the residents of the area.

Claire Daly