Joining Consett Amateur Swimming Club is very simple, for both our Juniors and Masters, although there could be a waiting list.

To register your interest in joining please email with the following details:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Approximate level of ability
  • Parent/Guardian’s name (if under 18)
  • Contact email
  • Contact telephone number

We will then contact you for a trial session when a space is available.

Please note that we are now only able to accept new members who can confidently swim 25m unaided in the large pool, this is usually swim stage 7 onwards.

After your trial session you will be contacted by the Membership Secretary who will allocate your group and training days/times.

Consett Amateur Swimming Club are regulated by Swim England and therefore each swimmer must be a registered member. Annual membership fees are payable upon joining the club and then again on 1st January each year. The fee provides members with the appropriate insurances to participate in the sport.

Consett ASC are a competitive club, so once your child is at a suitable age and swimming ability they will be asked to participate in local swimming galas representing the Club.  Participation is not compulsory but it is encouraged.  The competition season starts in September and ends in July each year.

Membership registration needs to be completed after trial sessions and all fees paid.