Junior League is one of the first galas where swimmers are able to compete in individual and team events against other clubs, in a competitive environment, with the emphasis on having fun!

The events allow swimmers to gain experience within a friendly competitive environment, without focusing on the outcome of the races, but more on the skills that are required to become a successful swimmer. Swimmers selected to compete by the coach for Junior League events will be able to demonstrate their skills within a race setting, while gaining vital competitive experience.

Teams from all over the North East compete in different Divisions of the Northumberland and Durham District Junior League. Each club competes with other clubs within the same Division, over three heats, with the top six teams in the Division making the finals.

There are three Divisions within Junior League, with swimmers aged between 9 and 12 years old.  Swimmers compete against other individuals of their own age. Points are awarded in each event; 6 points for 1st, 5 points for 2nd, 4 points for 3rd, 3 points for 4th, 2 points for 5th and 1 point for 6th. Scores for each event are added together to get an overall Team result for each gala day.

The galas last approximately 3 hours. Events for 9 year old swimmers are 25m, 10 years and over 50m and there are also relays.

There are limits to the number of events swimmers can compete in. All swimmers competing in finals MUST have competed in one of the three qualifying rounds.