Publishing of photos of a member under 18 years should only be done with the parents consent.

No personal details should accompany the photo i.e. school or place of residence.

The videoing of children is not recommended. Any videos that are taken should always be justified by the club (e.g. to assist in stroke development, visual evidence requested from parents for school examinations).

Assuming a video is taken then the written consent is required from the parents (copy to be held in the welfare file) and an invitation for the parent to attend the videoing and subsequently view the video.

Any concern and the videoing should cease and the video not used.

After videoing, unless it can be justified as to why the video is to be kept the video should be destroyed once it has served its purpose.

Additionally, the videoer should be extremely careful in the content of the video and avoid capturing other children within the footage.

Best practice would be to place the child to be videoed in a separate lane.