A coach or appropriate club volunteer should always be at the pool until the last child has been collected.

Occasionally, parents may be delayed or unable to collect their child from training or after an event on time. The list of emergency contacts should be used in such situations. The club should never leave a child alone at the pool unless they are over 16.

If a parent fails to collect a child under 16

  • Attempt to contact the parent from emergency contact list
  • If no reply from parent, ask child if there is another family member to contact
  • Wait with child at the pool with at least one other responsible adult i.e. coach, volunteer. If no other adult available, then inform pool staff of situation
  • If unable to contact someone then contact local police to enquire about best course of action


  • Taking child home or to another location
  • Asking child to wait in a vehicle
  • Waiting with child at organisation on your own
  • Sending child home with another person without permission

If this is a ‘one off’ situation, then no further action should be taken.

Persistent failure to collect a child with no contact from them or a reasonable explanation for the delay, the Welfare Officer and one other should arrange to meet with them and discuss the matter.

If over the next few weeks there is no change, the Welfare Officer should contact Swim England’s Child Safeguarding Team.