Ensure the other young people in your care are looked after appropriately while you organise a search for the missing child

It may be appropriate to stop the training session and ask children to exit the pool however you should sit the children on poolside and keep them together while the search is taking place. Do not allow the children to leave poolside or to mill around the changing rooms as this could interfere with the search. Only release children into the care of their parents while the search is continuing.

Inform missing child’s parents if present at event or nominate an appropriate person to ring them. Reassure them you are doing everything you can to locate their child.

Divide up all available responsible adults into areas to be searched

Make sure adults are sent to stand next to all venue exits

Search the area in which child has gone missing, including changing rooms, toilets, public and private areas and the grounds

Request all those searching to report back to you at a specific location and time

Nominated person should be making a note of events including physical description (height, age build, hair colour & style, clothing) and where last seen

Telephone the police no later than 30 minutes after child goes missing even if search is still on going.