Heart of Aquatics

Everyone at Swim England is dedicated to making our sports and activities accessible, inclusive and safe for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Their primary goal is to create a culture and environment that makes participants, members, coaches, teachers, parents, and everyone involved in clubs and swim schools feel safe, included and welcomed at all times.

That is why they put them at the heart of aquatics and create a culture that makes everyone feel safe, included and welcomed.

The Heart of Aquatics is Swim England’s safeguarding, welfare and culture plan. This plan will create a better future for everyone in our sports.

The plan focuses on three key pillars of work in 2023 – listen, support and resource. We recognise we must continuously strive to improve in order to foster a positive culture and deliver for the people who are the lifeblood of our aquatic sports. To ensure that happens, we need the help of the aquatics community. The Heart of Aquatics is the first step on our cultural change journey.

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